Shake it off

After surviving a shipwreck and a storm, Paul was glad to be on dry land again. He gathered sticks in the rain so he could start a fire. As he was laying them on the fire, a snake came out because of the heat and fastened on his hand.  “But he shook off the creature into the fire and suffered no harm” ( Acts 28:5).

The devil tried to cripple him and his ministry. But he shook it off! What the snake didn’t realize was that all the storms and shipwrecks that Paul had already been through, had made him strong enough in God to shake off any devil.

Maybe you have failed in some area. Maybe you gave in to some temptation or ran out of patience and said something you now regret. Perhaps you feel that you are not as useful to God or admired by God as much as you were. But God never learned anything new about you. He knew all your failures from your past, from today and next year and still died for you. He is not shocked by your weakness. He never died to forgive you once but to forgive you forever. He also rose to free you from the power of sin and defeat and that is still His plan, however long it takes. You fell over, but Daddy is still there saying “Come on, I’m here to see you walking and I’ll help you till you’re running”.

What God has placed in you through past trials, is more powerful than anything the devil has against you, now. The Bible says “Greater is He that is within you, than he that is in the world” That means that what is in you, is more important than what you’re in. What we gain by going through trials, is more important than the trial we go through.  Don’t let the devil fasten onto your hand today – shake it off and don’t let the serpent’s venom poison you. The venom of defeat, self-pity, and hopelessness. Maybe you think you are doing fine but check for the poison of low goals and small vision. The enemy doesn’t tempt you with nothing but instead, will offer you something of value but always less than your destiny. Joseph went through the pit, Potiphar’s house, and the prison for many years but he alone could make the only decision that could wreck his destiny. God won’t give us a promise that anyone else can ruin but us.

Friend, the enemy may have tried to blow you off course with a storm, drown you in a shipwreck or kill you with a snake bite but there is nothing he can do to stop you from fulfilling your destiny unless you let him.  Shake it off!