The old servant got off his camel and stooped down to enter the tent. When the family had gathered around him, He told them that he had come to find a wife for his master’s son.    “Then the servant brought out jewelry of silver, jewelry of gold, and clothing, and gave them to Rebekah” (Gen 24:51-53).   Abraham’s servant was Eleazar and his name meant “God is the helper”.  He reached his hand inside his robe to the pouch in which he kept his gems. With delight, he drew out the gold and jewels and handed them to Rebecca.  She gasped in wonderment at the treasures he gave to prepare her for the bridegroom. They were just an indication of Isaac’s greatness and his good intentions.  As she put them on her neck and her fingers she felt so beautiful, almost Queen-like.  A peasant girl had been promoted.
This week I sat with the thousands at the New Life Churches conference in Auckland New Zealand. It was exceptional. The worship was outstandingly beautiful, the ministry life changing. I enjoyed the fellowship of friends old and new but the most beautiful guest was the Servant.  It was a powerful time as hundreds went forward each night to receive the gifts of the Helper or to be touched by Him.
Indeed the Servant had stooped to enter the tent.  The Holy Spirit had many gifts and graces to give.  He poured them out indiscriminately in love to all.  Some felt His power some felt his fire but everyone in the “tent” felt His presence.
After Rebekah had received all of the gifts, she followed the servant home to Isaac. As the helper led the bride-to-be, toward her prize, he testified of Him.  During the day he was her teacher and by night he comforted her with thoughts of the future.  As she got used to being led by another, the struggle of leaving her familiar life was overtaken by a fire which the Servant was building in her heart, day by day.  The whole world seemed brighter.  The anticipation of seeing her Lover was greater than the pain of the sometimes difficult camel ride home.  Finally, one afternoon as the sun went down, she drew close enough to see him.   Not clearly at first but the servant knew how to bring them together. She forgot her past, her travel sores, and even her gifts when she saw his face.
With conference over and the servant’s gifts received, we follow the Servant to a completely new place and a new destiny. Because we have received from the Servant we can not stay in the same place. We are willing to follow.  The evidence that we have received from the Spirit is not just manifestations but gifts of grace that change the way we live.  Receivers are filled and changed. They overflow with gratitude for all they have been given.  They want others to know Jesus. The Servant gave us gifts of power and boldness and joyful tongues and fire, but the Servants greatest gift was to give us an increased vision of Jesus.
Friend, we know we have been following the Servant if Jesus’ face is now clearer and closer than ever before.